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[Autonomous Drone]

Fully Autonomous Drone with Machine Learning and Intelligent Control


Vision-Based Fully Autonomous Drone Circus


ACSL Drone Development for Vision-Based High-Level Controls


Vision-Based Hovering and Tracking of Autonomous Drone with Onboard Control System


Finite Memory Output Feedback Control for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle


Dynamic Obstacle Avoidance of Multiple Drones with Vision-Based Formation Control


Robust Neural Network Control for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle


Finite Memory Estimation-Based Neural Network Learning Algorithm for Accurate Identification of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles


Highly Reliable and Accurate 3D Localization via Predictive FIR Filtering in Low-Cost Wireless Sensor Network


Deep Learning-Based Fully Autonomous Anti-Drone System 


Real-Time Neural Network Control and Path Planning for UAVs Based on 3D Finite Memory Localization


[Vehicle Control and Estimation]

Autonomous Vehicle Platoon at Korea University


Autonomous Leader-Following Vehicle Based on Multi-Target Probabilistic Data Association Filtering


Fuzzy Logic-Based Real-Time Detection and Avoidance of Obstacles for Autonomous Vehicles


Reliable Estimation of Vehicle Role and Road Bank Angles Using Robust FIR Filtering


ACSL Main Board Design with IMU-Based Shake-Free Stabilization


Receding Horizon Directional Unscented Filter for Heavy duty Vehicles Incorporating Sensor Modeling Constraints


Fuzzy Neural Network Control for Connected Cars under Malicious Cyber Attacks


Neural Network and Disturbance Observer-Based Sliding Mode Approach to Traction Control of Electric Vehicles with In-Wheel Motors


[Robot Control and Estimation]

Intelligent Ball Handling System for ACSL Humanoid Robot Using Robust FIR Filtering


Gangnam Style Dance with ACSL Humanoid Robot


Soccer Game with ACSL Humanoid Robot

Dynamic Obstacle Avoidance of Multiple Robots with Formation Control


Real-Time Localization of Mobile Robot Based on Hybrid Particle/FIR Filter


Accurate Localization of Mobile Robot Using Predictive UFIR Filter in Wireless Sensor Network with Missing Measurements


Fuzzy Neural Network Output Feedback Control for Mobile Robots via Predictive FIR Estimation


Reliable Obstacle Avoidance of Mobile Robot via Dynamic Window Approach Based on Finite Memory Filtering 


Distribute FIR Filtering-Based Localization of Swarm Mobile Robots 


Two-Stage FIR Filtering Approach to Accurate Calibration for End Effector of Robotic Manipulators


Distributed Finite Memory Estimation from Relative Measurements of Multiple Robots in Wireless Sensor Networks


[Multi-Sensor Data Fusion]

Probabilistic Data Association FIR Filtering Approach to Multi-Target Tracking Based on Lidar and Stereo Vision


[Intelligent Vehicle Tracking]

Vehicle Tracking with Machine Learning and FIR Filtering


Intelligent Recognition of a Preceding Vehicle in Harsh Environments (Light)


Intelligent Recognition of a Preceding Vehicle in Harsh Environments (Shape)


Intelligent Recognition of a Preceding Vehicle in Harsh Environments (Tunnel)


[Intelligent Visual Object Tracking]

Arbitration of FIR Filtering and Optical Flow Based on Fuzzy Neural Network for Visual Object Tracking



[Autonomous Energy Control]

Experiment and Demonstration of Autonomous Energy Control Systems (with eZEX)


Intelligent Energy Management Systems Based on Fuzzy Neural Networks (with eZEX)