* 안춘기 교수님, '젊은과학자상 (대통령상)' 수상 [주요업적]

* 안춘기 교수님, 30여개의 "국제저명학술지 Editor" [선임현황]

* 안춘기 교수님, 전기전자분야 교수1위, 공학전분야 교수2위 (젊은교수 연구질적평가, 중앙일보 대학평가) [기사클릭]


* 현대자동차그룹 자동차 융복합기술 (자율주행, 커넥티드카 등 미래핵심기술 분야) 계약학과 대학원생 모집 [클릭]

Theoretical Research Interests

  • Intelligent Control and Estimation for Cyber-Physical Systems
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Control and Estimation
  • Multi-Sensor and Filter Fusion in Sensor Networks
  • Synchronization and Consensus for Multi-Agent Systems
  • Networked Control and Estimation Theory
  • Multi-Dimensional Systems and Applications
  • Vision-Based Control for Autonomous Vehicles and Drones
  • Connected Drones, Vehicles, and Robots under Cyber Attacks
  • Digital Filter Analysis and Design
  • Chaos Synchronization and Applications
  • Nonlinear (Chaotic) Circuits and Systems with Applications

Practical Research Interests












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